As you all know, I still have a fondness for the sliver discs.  When Joey Blush released the debut Blush Response Album, We Are Replicants,[…]

The exclusive album stream of the new Atari Teenage Riot “Is This Hyperreal?” is still available on Soundcloud.  If you find it to your liking, you[…]

Boise musicians Trans Atlantic Crush have released streaming access via Soundcloud to a couple tracks from their upcoming album for your listening pleasure.

Daniel Miller Of Mute Records  has a DJ mix featured over at Mixcloud.  You might want to check out another mix posted by The Quietus of[…]

The search for improved armaments for the zer0gee (hillout (hamber took me on a mission to Pittsburgh, PA a few weeks ago.  I think both[…]

Ministry! Ministry! Ministry!

I got recent shipment at the (hillout (hamber that that arrived from NYC with remarkable speed.. Yours truly is now one properly equipped replicant. Gas[…]

See? You can have some too if you roll up in your Jansen P12 Diamond and ask nicely. What are you waiting for?  Finish those challenges and[…]

While it may not be the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Xbox 360: Jurassic Park that ChairmanOhm and I have been quietly pushing[…]

Yours truly has just completed his 38th orbit on this earth. It has been a good run so far, and there are plenty of good things[…]