4 Bands And Some Yuengling In Pittsburgh

The search for improved armaments for the zer0gee (hillout (hamber took me on a mission to Pittsburgh, PA a few weeks ago.  I think both of these might fill the bill for pest control.

In an unlikely display of good fortune for yours truly, Jim Semonik’s Distortion Productions was hosting performances by Everything Goes Cold, Faderhead, Aesthetic Perfection, and a special appearance by Rein[Forced] at the 31st Street Pub during my visit.  There was no way I was going to miss my chance to see that show.

The 31st Street Pub is an intimate venue, which is where I prefer to see bands whenever possible.  Whatever thoughts I had about the need for a drum kit on the tightly packed stage were put to rest when Everything Goes Cold demonstrated that they knew full well what to do with it.  High points of the evening included Rein[Forced] & Everything Goes Cold just completely ripping it up.  Faderhead wasted no time cranking his energy right up in our face, hard.  Faderhead destroyed Pittsburgh & Aesthetic Perfection steamrolled the debris right into the ground.  Aesthetic Perfection brought their keytar and they meant business. We were warned by Aesthetic Perfection: “There’s always something killing me, Pittsburgh, and tonight it’s you!”

Word that I was coming must have preceded me since they rolled out the personalized welcome wagon.

The show was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

For readers interested in more on what Jim has up his sleeve, Falken has this good interview.
Thanks to Jim for not only putting on the show, but for taking the time to round up some CDs for me at Eide’s the next day.  Extra special thanks to John for rolling out to the show with me.

Posted by Arthur Gravity