Happy Birthday Dear Grav

Yours truly has just completed his 38th orbit on this earth.

It has been a good run so far, and there are plenty of good things on the horizon. I wanted to take a moment and give a nod to a particularly exceptional highlight of this birthday celebration involving a most unexpected gift from my brother, the one and only DrMoravia.

I have been a devoted fan of Vomito Negro since I purchased The New Drug twenty years ago. I have been meaning to post about their latest release, Slave Nation, ever since it came out two months ago. I had every intention of picking it up from the nice folks over at Storming The Base, but the good Doctor beat me to it. While his care package arrived at the zer0Gee (hillout (hamber chock full of goodies, the new Vomito Negro CD was the supreme highlight, and completely unexpected. Musically it did not disappoint. It picked up seamlessly from 2010’s Skull & Bones, and should please EBM fans of all stripes.

If you are a devotee of the silver disc, like me, don’t hesitate to pick up this new Vomito Negro disc. The more economical and sophisticated readers would be wise to grab the more sensibly priced download.

Thanks, Doc, for really making this birthday extra special with this unexpected surprise.

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Quiet On The Western Front

It’s been a heavenly two weeks since you last heard from me, for me anyway.  I hope it has been the same slice of heaven you for you, my treasured readers.  I love a grand holiday, the likes that only the Turkatron can give us.

Woo!  This turkey may be there for a while, but this classic episode of the The Invasion won’t be, so get it while you can. (Much like Grav’s once long and golden locks, it’s gone.)

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Front Line Assembly – Angriff

My Front Line Assembly – Angriff CD finally arrived at the end of last week from Storming The Base.  I was getting a little worried because I had ordered Insekt – Control Your Fear..,. Now! from a seller in Holland, and William Orbit – Orbit from a seller stateside after my Angriff order and they showed up first.  STB was quick to put my fears to rest with an early morning response to my email from the night before.  Shortly afterward, my CD arrived, and I am happily blasting FLA!

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BUY Front Line Assembly – Angriff here!

BUY Front Line Assembly – Angriff here!

I am still not down with the whole download only music thing. So when I heard that I could get a real CD of the Front Line Assembly single Angriff, I was pretty excited. Of course those who have already comfortably transitioned to the digital realm can get all the same sonic goodness without the silver disc. (See below.)

I am warming up a little to this future world where the silver disc is but a relic, thanks in part to Blush Response. That is saying a lot, because I have been a huge Richard H. Kirk fan for years, and I still refuse to purchase any of his material that is download only!

I know: my loss. 🙁

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