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So Long MySpace, How I Barely Knew Ye

Maybe there are some folks out there still using MySpace pretty heavily, I couldn’t really tell you. Once Facebook came along with it’s cleaner, albeit more sterile, interface, MySpace began steadily losing utility for me. If not for the large swath of bands I was friends with on MySpace, I suspect I may have taken this plunge a long time ago.

MySpace is like a crazy ex-girlfriend. We grew apart and everything was fine, then she started emailing me all the time to tell me how much she had changed. Then came the emails telling me that I had a new message. When I logged in to check the new message it was spam from a profile I was not friends with. When I reported the spam to MySpace, the official response was as follows:

Thanks for contacting MySpace.

The reported profile is a MySpace sponsored profile.

MySpace is operated mainly on ad revenue. To keep MySpace free to the users, you may sometimes be sent mail from profiles like these.

The MySpace Support team

What MySpace failed to consider when they sent me that response twice, is that I don’t have to receive their spam. MySpace already has plenty of ads all over their website. I am not going to consent to being spammed in my MySpace inbox. When a company resorts to spam for promotion they have already failed. I won’t do business with spammers, and MySpace has clearly decided that they want to be in the spam for hire business at the expense of their users. Fair enough. Since they obviously have a desire to further marginalize their shrinking userbase, who am I to not oblige them.

Here’s to lossless compression. Goodbye MySpace, and fuck you, you lousy spamming scum.

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