ombiense was born when link and pitch chose to explore the sonic textures of brutal organic ambient.

link, née Q Link 5 (KdF) tormented the listeners of the Pittsburgh airwaves with his own hand-selected blend of EBM on both WPTS & WRCT and would later craft his trademark Artifical Gravity ambient mixes both at WRCT, and later as a weekly feature at pirate Radio Carson. This led to the Arthur Gravity moniker that most EBM and chillout aficionados now know him by.

pitch, née A Havek 4 (KdF/Voice of Reason), would later find acclaim as dj saint (mercury 26). Leaving a bi-coastal mark, he would be known for not only his sets mixing in the clubs of Pittsburgh, including the legendary Steel City Jungle nights, but also appearances on pirate Radio Carson before making his mark on the west coast from San Diego to Seattle.

Always elusive to audiences, ombiense to date has held only one public performance at the UnDerGround Productions event, Transcendence, on Saturday, October 1, 1994 at the Washington County Fairgrounds where Frankie Bones headlined along with Nigel Richards . Rising local favorite DieselBoy also took to the turntables, as did Deadly Buda and Ruffian. There was another live P.A. that night by 412 favorite 1.8.7.



23 years after it was first recorded in a makeshift Wexford basement studio, a reissue of the classic track that started it all, twenty six, was released in a limited run of only 100 copies which will find their way into the hands and collections of those lucky enough to secure one at Cold Waves V in Chicago.

The original cover art was done by Dieselboy. It was based on a classic Gustave Doré illustration from the Paradiso canticle of Dante’s Divina Comedia. It was adapted by digiVisual design for the 2016 limited reissue.

The original hardcore lifestyle release was a 2 track, cassette-only, limited edition of 50 copies. The cassette-only second track was deleted for superstitious reasons when the first CD-R and digital editions were issued. It will not be resurrected, nor shall its name be spoken.

Special thanks to Damian, Tracy, Chrissy, Anika, Ella, Stacey, Kim, Nick, Ryan, George, Jason, Andy, Ed Um, Geoff, Trevor, Csilla, Jimmerz, Joey, Lisa, Jordana, Bob, MWD, anyone we ever knew back in the day, DeS, everyone at Cold Waves V, and you!

R.I.P. Paul Von Aphid.